Monday, June 25, 2012

An open love my favorite bloggers

This is an open love letter to my favorite bloggers out there.  I just want to say that I love you all!  From your personal style, to your funny videos, to your intelligent blog posts that actually require people to use their brains before leaving an ignorant comment(most of the times).

It's bloggers like you that give me inspiration to wear whatever I like & not worry about the constant looks I get(there are other reasons why I'm constantly stared at..but that's a whole other story).

For years I've constantly had this little voice in the back in my head that would be so concerned about what people think of me just based on my choice of clothing.  I think this past year or so I have gotten out of that rut.

I can honestly thank you guys because you've put the confidence in myself to "let my freak flag fly" & march to the beat of my own drum.  I've always had that mentality, but never followed through with it.  Now I could care less about the latest trend, and what was "so last year".

I live in a place where 99% of the population is all about the trends, and making fun of people who don't dress like "the norm".  Northface, UGGs, Forever 21 dresses, repeat.  A lot of people in this area don't experiment with their clothes, or wear a fist full of rings & velvet leggings.  If you do, you are looked at like you have 10 arms and 4 eyes.

To escape this constant uninspiredness(yes I made up a word) I go to your blogs. You guys inspire me to take more risks when it comes to my own wardrobe.  So this is my little thank you to you guys for being true individuals, good spirited, intelligent, beautiful & inspiring women!

(Here's a list of bloggers that seriously inspire me so much.. I am so thankful for their existence!)

Don't ever change!


  1. Great bloggers you've choosen! Great style

  2. I like most of these bloggers as well!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That's great that all these people have inspired you to not care. I know what you mean, dressing how you truly want to dress isn't always easy, with all the attention and what not, it can be difficult. I definitely get inspired by bloggers to dress how I REALLY want to dress too! I like a lot of these blogs you've mentioned also, they have amazing style.

  4. Great blog suggestions! I will be checking them all out

    That GOOD GOOD Blog