Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How is someone truly fashion-able?/Intro

What exactly is fashion, and how do I become "fashion-able"?  

Is that boy or girl who is up to date on the latest trends fashion-able?  Or is it the boy or girl down the street that follows the beat to his or her own drum & wears whatever the hell he or she wants the real fashion-able one.

The people who are always up to date on trends without showing true individuality, are they fashion-able?  Isn't fashion about being unique and different?   Or is it about staying up to date on current trends, or is it all the above? Are we all fashion-able?(I put the hyphen in there intentionally, obviously to break up the word.)

Fashion is such a mysterious thing, it welcomes true individuals, and then it welcomes constant ridicule and judgement.  It blows my mind that people can be judged so harshly just on what they wear.  Television shows like Fashion Police are always mocking "celebrities" who take risks and praise those who play it safe with the trends.  Who's to say that the "celebrity" that wore a rainbow catsuit isn't fashion-able and deserves to be put down for something that showed their true individuality.

I cannot stand when a girl makes fun of another girl just because of her appearance.  You have no right to ridicule someone just because they are different from you, it just shows off your ignorance.

How can a person take pride in making fun of someone with rainbow colored hair, tattoos everywhere, & a 90's style of dressing?  Are they jealous that they don't have the courage to dress how they truly want?

I have been saying this for the longest time that everyone just needs to let their freak flag fly!  Fashion is fun, play with prints, textures, & silhouettes until your heart bursts!  To those who give you strange looks, see it as a compliment.  Who the fuck wants to be normal?  What is "normal"?

Let this quote soak into your brain & open up your heart.  I got it from this amazing blogger Brit Nason (if you don't follow her blog & follow her twitter then you are missing out.)

"We have created a reality of superiority and inferiority rather than one of co-creative, equality existence.”

I started this blog just so I can share my personal style with others.  I am constantly inspired by true individuals that are walking down the street, or through lookbook.nu, or even a freaking blue jay standing on the sidewalk.  Inspiration for me is everywhere.

I am not starting this blog with the hopes of getting free products,  the most followers, or the most likes on lookbook.  That is the least of my concern.  I don't care if I have had this blog for a year and only have 1 follower.  Hopefully I inspire them and they inspire me and we run off to a magical land where we can be amazing people.

Please feel free to leave some comments on what you think fashion-able means.  Dialogue between followers & bloggers is always appreciated.


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