Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY-Muscle Tank

Another quick & easy DIY post!  Muscle tanks!! I swear I'm going to every local thrift store there is to find some awesome men's graphic t's to cut into muscle tanks.  There's just something so easy about them.  This will probably be my summer attire.

Sidenote:Sorry(not really) for the not so grand photo quality.  I was too lazy to find my camera & just used my iphone.

Materials Needed
white eyeliner(or some light colored pencil)
measuring tape
(I picked up this sweet tie dye graphic t from my local thrift store.)

I used another muscle tank that I got from Forever 21 for my guideline.  I didn't want to make the sides too long, so I needed something to go off of.  Use the measuring tape if you want your tank to be some what symmetrical.   After I placed the Forever 21 tank on top of my new tank, I lightly drew around it so I could have a pattern & guideline to follow when I cutting my shirt.

I'm actually going to wear this muscle tank to work tomorrow, here are some necklaces I plan on layering with it. 


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  2. Using white eyeliner is such a good idea!! I cut my shirts a lot, and usually I have no problem cutting of the sleeves freehand, but whenever I try to do some intricate design I never know how to mark it! So thank you! Also, those shirts are rad. I'm kind of jealous.

  3. what a lovey post :)
    I adore it!

  4. perfect horse tee! i love this!